03 October 2012

Field Trip: Captain Mike's Dolphin Adventure

One of the first signs you see when entering Tybee Island is one for "Captain Mike's Dolphin Adventure." Josh and I definitely wanted to go on a dolphin adventure, but the sign looked a little sketchy. I asked Lloyd the B&B owner, "So, Captain Mike's- is that a sketchy deal or for real?" Lloyd replied with a very enthusiastic "Oh yeah, it's for real." So we signed up for a little adventure.
"Do not throw your cigarettes into the marsh. Our alligators are developing cancer."
The tour started off wonderfully! I was expecting to see many pods of dolphins jumping out of the water in some sort of choreographed spectacular.  
Some time went by. We saw a shrimp boat. No dolphins.
More time went by. We saw a freight liner come in from the Atlantic. Our boat began to follow behind the boat, because dolphins sometimes like to swim in the wakes the boat leaves behind. The adventure is supposed to be 90 minutes long, but I think we may have been out there a little longer. We finally saw a few dolphins when we were headed back to the dock, but Josh and I deemed the tour more of a shrimp boat- old lighthouse- freight liner- brown pelican adventure.

After getting back from the Dolphin Adventure, we went to the beach.
And saw dolphin, after dolphin, after dolphin.
Josh and I were boogie boarding in the very same water as wild dolphins.
We were swimming with dolphins, people.
They were about 100 yards away, but who is counting?


  1. Well that's cool!

    We went whale watching last summer and saw a bunch of whale tails. I was holding out hope for dolphins, but no luck... We certainly didn't swim with them!

  2. Love hearing about all your adventures!