04 October 2012

Field Trip: Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

Ok, so this place was really fun. Josh and I both love animals, so we made this a must go to place. This wildlife center is on the grounds of what seems to be an old school. The last wildlife center I went to you had to drive through, but this one was a walk through set up.
Armadillo digging out.
Sicilian Donkey
Barred Owl- who talked to us!
 Bobcats! These guys (gals?) were really cute. We watched them for probably 30 minutes. They are very playful. One would crouch down, then all of a sudden pounce on another one, then all of them would start running around this path they'd made for themselves. One got tired of being pounced upon, so she/he climbed one of the trees in their pen. Another got tired and popped a squat in their water bin. One of the bobcats came up to said water bin and took a little drink. There was a dad and young daughter pair sitting next to Josh and me. The dad turned to his daughter and said, "Look! They drink their bath water just like you do!"
 Fooooxxxeeessss! I love foxes and fully believe that if I were to be a wild animal, I would be a fox. Josh thinks he would be a bobcat. The red foxes were also quite fun to watch. When we first walked up to their pen, their caregiver was walking around the pen dropping little food treats. After she left the little foxes would run out from their den and grab a treat. Some of them would eat the treat, but there was one who would grab a treat, carry it off, dig a hole with its little paws, put the food in the hole, and then cover it up using its nose to move the dirt. This made me love foxes even more, haha!
Hatching some eggs.
Turtles of all sorts!
 The wolves, or woofs as I sometimes say, were beautiful. I think there are five of them living in this center, but we only saw three. They look a lot like Alaskan Malamutes, which made me want to go play with them, but don't worry, Josh restrained me. One of them was very skinny, and Josh noticed that there was a sign that said one of the wolves was under veterinary care. Hope he/she gets well soon!

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