01 October 2012

Field Trip: Tybee Island, Georgia

For our honeymoon, or 'vacation' as we have been calling it, Josh and I visited Tybee Island, Georgia. It was sooooo cute! It even had a turtle on its welcome sign! While we were thinking of where to go, I saw this little town on House Hunters. Several people asked where we heard about it, so I told them "the show House Hunters on HGTV" and no one knew what I was talking about. Does anyone watch HGTV besides Emily and me?!
There were tons of things to do in the area, so we didn't get bored, but we didn't get to do everything. The restaurant we ate at the first night had live music, which both of us thoroughly enjoyed. He sang a lot of the Beatles and Elton John. YESSSS.
The inn we stayed at is definitely one of the nicest ones I've been to. I felt like I was doing a breakfast eating marathon the entire time we were there, because the breakfasts we so big. Man oh man. The guy who owned the place with his wife was quite the character, but very helpful when we needed information about something.
 All over the island are tons of very unique, one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. The food was super good. And the seafood! Oh the grilled shrimp! Having lived in the more land-locked parts of Texas for the past eight years, I forgot how much more delicious fresh seafood was. Josh doesn't like seafood, so I ate lots of it and rubbed it in his face how good it was.

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  1. Why can't you call it a honeymoon? Super cute, though.