22 October 2012

I Blame Kate Hudson

Muse at ACL 2012
Dear Muse,

Are you guys okay?

Your last two albums have been terrible and I'm getting a little concerned. Everyone goes through rough spots. You can take a break if you need to!

Now, Matt, I was a little surprised at your choice of Kate Hudson for female companionship. She kind of has a bad track record with men of your type (rock stars). Is she bringing you down? You are a classically trained musician. Did you even listen to that song you wrote for the Olympics. Come on. The song basically has two lines that are repeated over and over. I know for a fact that you can rock better than that. Do you not remember 'Knights of Cydonia?' That is my favorite song of yours. Please don't tell me that was the climax of your career. You are too young to retire!

A concerned fan,


  1. THANK YOU... Stephanie Meyer could be to blame as well. She took this awesome band and spotlighted them so that the bulk of their new fan base became 13 year old girls. As most of 13 year old girls go, they flock to popular/talentless music and one has to wonder if someone along the way directed Muse towards such a path...

  2. It had to be said.

    "I'm gonna weeen..."