23 October 2012

Little Letters

Some sort of fruit tree; San Marcos, April 2012

Dear Texas,
I never thought I would say this, but I miss you. You and your big trees and big cokes and big hearts.

Dear Garrett Jacob,
Your mom told me that you let out a big belly giggle the other day. Save some for me?

Dear the town we live in,
You are the weirdest place I have ever lived. You have one of almost everything, but only one. All of your restaurants close at 8pm on the dot and your shops even earlier. I'm not convinced that some of your businesses are even real, because they are never opened. You have no poor citizens or homeless people, but you do have one of the highest concentrations of Ph.d. holders in the US. That crazy statistic allows you to have awesome things like your own symphony and $1 yoga classes. I think I might like you. Sorry about bringing the Texas weather with me. I know you are averaging 70 degrees when you're supposed to be at 60 or so. Whoops!

Dear ric-rac dress that I copied from a skirt at Anthropologie,
You are cute.

Dear Smith's Grocery Store,
We are going to be fast friends. You have an olive bar, a wonderful veggie section, $2.50 manager's special bouquets of flowers AND you had film on sale for $1 the other day. ONE DOLLAR. Keep it up. Sorry I threw up in your parking lot the first time I met you.

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