24 October 2012

Stealth UPS Man

Good work; October 2012
Josh and his old roommate, Kyle, warned me about Stealth UPS Man.

They sure did. Stealth UPS Man would come to their apartment without them even knowing it. No, not the "he comes during the work day when they weren't home" kind of dropping off a package without them knowing. The kind where they would get home around 5:45, then leave again at 6 and there would be a package on their doorstep. I guess he just doesn't knock or ring the doorbell?

I was determined to meet him.

It just so happened that Josh's beloved $25 garage sale couch was too gigantic to fit into our apartment. So, we decided it would be okay to buy a new one with some of our wedding monies. We searched high and low and then searched some more. I found the couch of my dreams on Overstock.com, and after it went through the Josh measuring wringer it was mine! All mine!... And Josh's!

It was also the perfect trap for the Stealth UPS Man. I thought to myself, "There is no way UPS Man can deliver a couch of all things without knocking on the door. The couch HAS to come inside."


The picture above is what I discovered when leaving the apartment one afternoon to check the mail. Three boxes of new couch patiently waiting for me to open the door and not be able to get out of the door. How did he even do that? I was home the entire time and have excellent hearing. I have to give him some credit- he is sneakier than me. Good job, Stealth UPS Man.

I wonder what would happen if I ordered a live animal via UPS...

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