29 October 2012

That One Time I Was A Genius

A kind soul in West Texas; March 2009
Once upon a time, I was having trouble decorating the mantle in the apartment. It wasn't very pretty and it was also warped. How that happened, I do not know.

Layered framed photos didn't work!
Knick knacks displayed artfully didn't work!
Framed photos on the wall above the mantle didn't work!

Where is my j' ne sais quoi?!

I was perusing A Beautiful Mess one day and saw that Elsie had engineer prints made of some of her favorite family photos. They looked great considering that a 3'x4' print she had made from a 3"x3" photo didn't look super bad. I was intrigued. I took to the googles to find a place that could print me an engineer print. Staples! In Santa Fe! Then, I had to pick out a picture for my giant print. That was really hard. I like a lot of my photos! Josh and I both love animals, so I decided that a picture of a horse I took in West Texas on a road trip a few years ago would be perfect. Josh doesn't have many decorating opinions, just "whatever you need to do."

My trip to Staples made me feel like a decorating genius. The lady making the prints and I both let out a little squeal when my horse picture was coming out of the printer. It looked great! I wasn't sure how it would come out, because I got a 3'x4' print and my camera only has 10.2 mega pixels. The horse's ears and muzzle are a little pixelated, but you can only tell when you're up close. I think I want to print pictures like this for shows- I love a good big picture! And it was only $7...

Then, a couple of older ladies came by to have a look at my print. "Oh would you look at that! He's larger than life size! Is this your horse or do you just love horses? Where are you going to put this?" I love talking to older ladies and I was missing my Granny and Aunt Mil, so I told them all about where I saw the horse, why I wanted it printed so big, and that I was a photographer. They were so nice and I'm glad I just happened to get to talk to them.

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