05 November 2012

11 inches!

I had my big hair cut on Saturday! It went very well, and I was able to donate 11 inches without having super short hair, instead of the minimum of 10 inches. Chop Shop was great and I think I'll continue to get my hairs did there. Mainly because they have a dog that hangs out in the shop while her dad is working? 

If you are interested in donating your hair for a wig for a child with a medical condition that causes hair loss, you can go to the Locks of Love website:
Or, send your natural, 10 inch minimum pony tail or braids in a padded mailer to:
Locks of Love
234 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405-2701
Laura Jane cutting my hair.
Felony the Boston Terrier
Also, this is what 11 inches of hair looks like:


  1. Cute Julziee!
    Now we both have a shorter do!

  2. Thank you for donating your hair! As a person who suffers from numerous medical conditions that affect my hair, I just know 11 inches of hair will be a god send to someone! Wish there were more people like you!