08 November 2012

A Wednesday in Review

Some throw pillows have been sewn.
These days around the Williams household are terribly interesting and exciting!

I have become extremely ridiculous.

Josh leaves for worky work before I care to be awake. He says that he kisses me goodbye every morning, but I never move/wake up/acknowledge his presence. That sounds about right. When I do arise it is usually almost lunch time and I am wonderfully well-rested.

In my time of unemployment I like to take "taking it easy" to a whole new level and move at a sloth's pace. After awakening myself, I like to peruse the blogs and stalk people on twitter. Sometimes my sister calls and we talk about this, that and how cute Garrett is and what he is up to these days.

THEN, things get exciting. I sometimes put pants on and venture out into the world for a big coke. Most days? Most days.

After the sparkly kicks in, I start to get things done. Yesterday, I made an entire quilt top! Then, I sandwiched it with its backing and batting!

I also checked my mailbox like a mad woman for our wedding photos. They are in the mail! Until they are in my paws, I will look outside at 1:30 pm when the mail person (sometimes it's a lady!) arrives and I will intensely check every 5-10 minutes to see if the truck has left. I don't have the balls to go in there and ask him/her for my mail. I can wait! But just barely! Yesterday, the Stealth UPS Man delivered unto my front door a package from Kerri! It was a delivery of pumpkin spice donuts and I will love her forever.

I also filled out an application to work at an eye doctor's office. I have no office experience, but I do have eyes, glasses, contacts, and experience in bringing Granny types to cataract surgery.

Today, I shall venture to Santa Fe!


  1. I would like a throw pillow!!

    1. I mean, I would like ALL OF THE THROW PILLOWS!!

  2. i love, love, love my brown dog pillow. it rocks. so do you.