07 November 2012

Confession #59

A young American, Republican and bangs by default; June 1996
(Please excuse this rant. I will be back to butterflies and rainbows tomorrow.)
I don’t know what to think about politics and politicians.

As young Americans, we are taught that we live in the land of the free and that we may express our opinions without being chastised for it. We are indeed free and extremely blessed people, but that expressing ourselves bit is not true at all. In elementary and middle school I was involved in the Baton Rouge Youth Legislature (Journalism Hall of Fame, holler!) and the Current Events Rally, both of which strive to educate kids about how the government works. Since then, I have always followed politics lightly and formed my own opinions, like you are supposed to.

Well, I grew up, went to college, figured out what was important to me and came out a Democrat. I side with the Democratic views and would consider myself a Democrat more than any of the other parties. Naturally, I voted for Obama when I had the chance. My family is from Texas, has a lot of guns and is super Republican. If Bevo, the University of Texas mascot, ran for President as a Republican they would vote for him.

I got SO MUCH beef for voting for the party I agreed with from my family. One of my uncles picked on me relentlessly, which caused some of my cousins to start mocking with the name “Libby” for a little while. Why am I not allowed to have my own views? That is so frustrating to me. I just want to be confident in my opinions! When I’m by myself, reviewing what each party stands for, I feel perfectly confident in my opinions. But the minute I mention something to my family, they try to shove their opinions and untrue facts down my throat. 

I was under the impression that America, as a general sentiment, was created so that people could be themselves? Are we not supposed to be tolerant of each other? It is fine to disagree with one another, but I don’t think politics should be something that becomes heated between family members or friends. It isn’t that important. That is not a fair way to treat differing opinions and I hope they know that.

I am not looking forward to when my family will bash the President over Thanksgiving dinner, while I quietly sit there and take it.

Why can't we just be polite to each other?!?!


  1. I am experiencing major deja vu while reading this post. Not topic-wise, but physically reading, sitting in the same place kind of thing. How strange.

    Anyway, you stand for your self JuMo! Haters gonna hate regardless of the topic at hand. Think of it as a photo critique: if you can defend yourself and your actions, it's worth fighting for. (I said that in my best Barry voice).

  2. Another great young Julie picture.

    And ponytail plus bow by default?

  3. aaaaand this is why I don't discuss politics with our family...