19 November 2012

Getting Ready

All images © Megan Fortner Photography

Hands down, this is my favorite shot from the wedding.

Ok, so I hit the biggest jackpot with Josh's family. I. Love. Them.
 Let's discuss Josh's sisters, Sarah and Rachel. I was a little intimidated by them at first because (a) they are always perfectly made up (b) they wear actual outfits on a day-to-day basis and (c) they always say the right things. I am now their no makeup/pant-less/"what did she just say?!" sister in law. It happens. 
Sarah is super busy at her work and just bought a house that needed some work, but for some reason I still felt compelled to ask her to do my hair/makeup for my bridal portraits and hair for the wedding day. I don't think I would've trusted anyone else and she did a great job. She and her husband, Owen, also did a million other things that of which I am not sure of the specifics. I think she also did my Mom's hair? 
Rachel is also super busy with work and two little boys. With all of that I still asked her to do my makeup? Maybe that was my inner Bridezilla? She is also a makeup master. Genius! I showed her a picture of some makeup I liked, and with her magic hands, she made me look like that. When she was done with my face the pimple was gone, my dark, cavernous under-eyes were bright and cheerful, and I wasn't shiny. We are talking miracles here people. Then she went and made up Emily and my Mom. Ridiculous.
This is Kerri being the best friend ever, calling a B&B, pretending to me.

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