09 November 2012

I Pledge Allegiance to Anthropologie

Ok, you guys know I love me some Anthropologie, but am not willing to pay their steep full prices. Ever. This past spring they came with a stupid amount of cute skirts, and I wanted ALL of them. Their "Mountain Time A-Line" skirt by Girls from Savoy almost made me want to pay full price. Then my brain was all "Giiirl, that skirt just has rick-rack and seam binding on it. You can make that, silly." So I made it into a dress. And I love that dress and wear as much as possible. Oh, how much did it set me back you ask? $30. Thirty dollars. Compared to a $128 skirt? I got a top, too! I bought all of my supplies at Hancock Fabrics and it took me about 2.5 hours to make.

Also news, this dress was the talk of my hometown when it made its debut at my bridal shower. I showed it to my Granny a few weeks before I wore it, to see if it passed quality control. She loved it and made me drive over to my Aunt Mil's to show her, so I was confident that it was cute. So, on my bridal shower day, I wore it to church that morning. Apparently everyone was having a look at my dress. That afternoon at the bridal shower all of the ladies came up to, "Oh honey, I saw you walk in and I just knew that you made that dress yourself. It is too cute to be off the rack." Success!
©Megan Fortner Photography

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