30 November 2012

I Still Hate Dallas

Right lane closed, but sign in the left?
Some of my very favorite people in the whole world live in Dallas, but for the life of me I cannot like that city. It has grown into a hatred in the past few years. My skin itches when someone invites me to a wedding that is in Dallas, or if I have to shoot a wedding there.

I just don't like it.

We begin our story when Josh and I get a wedding invitation from one of our friends from Austin who is getting married at First Baptist Dallas. I may have teared up a little just thinking about driving in downtown Dallas? Josh and I decided to go, because we would be in East Texas for Thanksgiving, why not make a trip of it.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding. We left Josh's sister's house at a time prescribed by her husband. They know things. Ten minutes into the trip, we get in stop and go traffic. No big. We make it all the way to downtown no problem! It's a miracle!! We turn on to Ross Street, and since we needed to turn left, merged all the way to the far left lane, assuming it was a one-way street since there were no lines or markings on the street.


Ross street is a two-way street, just so you know, and we narrowly escaped death while turning left on the street we needed to. The rest of the driving to the church's parking garage went just fine, thank heavens.

After the wedding, we said our goodbyes to KayLynn(!!!!) and Micheal (!!!!) who were there and exited the garage with no problems. Ok, then the photo above happened. The right lane of this street was closed, so they put the sign in the left lane. Naturally. Then there was this intersection that had a green light, but Josh didn't notice that it had a turn lane light too, and we said, "Whoopie!" as we dashed across the intersection in front of someone.

This is where things got funny. There were some troubles getting onto the interstate, because the merger lane wasn't long enough to do what you needed to do? Then we got tied up in Deep Ellum, and people, Deep Ellum is weird at night. Not a nice, charming weird like Austin, but a weird like we drove by this club that had a bunch of girls wearing leather under garments and fishnets standing in line outside. (Looked that club up later and it turned out to just be a theme night. Oh good.)


I knew where I was, because I shot some bridal portraits in that area and I remember everything.
Then we got on the road back to Sarah and Owen's.
And all was good.
Except for Dallas, because I still hate Dallas.

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