13 November 2012

Le Details

I am a details girl, so that is where most of my work went in the wedding.
All images © Megan Fortner Photography
Two of the wreaths I made. Who doesn't love some striped ribbon?

I'm not sure what to call this table. The welcome/memorial table? We wanted to recognize our late family members, so they got their own special flower bouquets and photographs. The card holder, programs, and guest book also needed a home, so they lived there, too.
 My bookcase of family photographs! This was my favorite. I gathered family photos, photos of us when we were little, some fun state graphics from where we've lived and a few personal knick-knacks.
 My sister and I made the napkins for dinner after a pin I saw on Pinterest. Josh's Mom, sister Sarah and Aunts were troopers and folded all 120 of them for me. (spoiled) They eventually made it onto the plate and looked like little bows.
 Ohhh, these flowers. So, I sat down with my florist and told her exactly what I wanted and brought pictures and examples. I told her I wanted red garden roses in a wildflower-y arrangement in a vase for the dinner tables. I got white regular roses in a not-vase. She did get the wildflower-y feel, though!
 Some mantle type things.
 Piepiepie!! Josh and I aren't particularly cake people, and I love pie, so we had pie and cupcakes. My Mom, Granny, relative Charlotte and I made all of the pies, except for the Edward's Key Lime. Josh's Mom's maiden name is Edwards, so that kind of counts as family made?
Pie roster:
Key Lime
Peanut Butter Creme
Lemon Meringue
Cherry Cream Cheese 
And everyone (I hope!) went home with some homemade jelly!


  1. Keep the pics coming!! I am having so much fun reliving it!

  2. i LOVE this!!! you did a great job. You are so on the nose- details are EVERYTHING!