06 November 2012

Let Me Tell You About Josh and the Ladies

I picked a winner.
Josh is cute and very nice. The nice, reliable, honest kind of cute and the trouble saying 'no' kind of nice? I think so? These are great qualities for me, because I have to see that face every day (don't mind if I do!). However, there are also the women in the general population who also enjoy these qualities in male figures. I have known Josh for a little over three years now, so I have gotten to see just a small portion of the ladies who fall in love with him without him knowing.

I shall now tell you the story of Staring Girl.

Josh came to New Mexico for the summer after his first semester of grad school and continued to do so until he finished his Master's and moved here for a while. Liking to keep a routine and knowing he would be coming back, that first summer he selected a church to go to and started getting to know the people. There are not that many eligible ladies his age here, but the one girl his age here took a liking to him.

I don't think she talked to him very much the first summer he was here, but the second summer (when we were dating) I kept hearing stories about this girl. One day in church, she came and sat right next to him. Josh says that out of the corner of his eye he could see her staring at him. After a few minutes she asked him, "Are you tired? Your eyes look tired."

At one point during the summer, the church took a group of people to a church and cemetery site to help do some cleaning, general yard work and to camp. Well, staring girl took this opportunity to corner him one night at the camp fire and start talking to him. She invited him to go horseback riding with her... and only her. A romantic moonlit ride, perhaps? Just kidding, she didn't suggest that. At this point he has mentioned me several times, so she should know that he is in a relationship and doesn't want to go riding with her.

Awkward situations like this kept happening, but in all of my visits to Los Alamos, I never got to meet her. I didn't want to do anything like claim my territory and I didn't feel threatened, I just wanted to put a face with a character.

Well, last week at the church Trunk-or-Treat Josh and I were standing with our Fiesta Owl having a good time. I was livin' it up in my red lipstick! Josh was talking to Mr. Tom when a group of ladies came up. One of them was asking Mr. Tom who Josh was, so Mr. Tom told her that Josh was Josh and that I was Julie. One of the girls immediately scooted a little closer to Josh and my brain went:


I finally got to meet her! Only, she wanted to talk to Josh, not me. Duh, Julie. She was kind of scoping me out, so I think she connected the dots and knows who I am. She started asking Josh how things were going and what he was up to, but not particularly wanting to talk to her, he stayed in his Old Prospector character and said, "Oh, just passing some candy out to the youngsters!"

She didn't want to talk to me that night and I'm not very good at making friends on my own, but I formally accept the challenge to befriend her. Here's to trying!

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  1. Josh sounds like Perry... this happens to Perry all the time- one time he got two "shot in the dark" shout-outs in one week! Nerd. I'm different than you though, I don't try to befriend the ladies! hehe!