14 November 2012

Let's Talk Clothes and Such

All images © Megan Fortner Photography
 I will take any event as an excellent reason to dress up, so the wedding was no different. I wanted to go for a classic look, so there was lace, diamonds, sapphires, cotton and leather. All of my jewelry came from Chuck Roberts' jewelry shop Time Eternal in Longview, Texas. Mr. Chuck is the best and let me borrow whatever I wanted. The bracelet stole my heart- it was made in the 1930s, has all of its original stones and is a wonderful example of a craftsman's skill. It was beautiful. Also one of the most expensive pieces Mr. Chuck has, so it did not find its forever home with me. On the contrast, my shoes were $20 sandals from Target and they are my favorite.
Everyone knows that searching for a wedding dress is an arduous project. I really really wanted to make my own, but did not have the time to between finishing college and doing the other wedding things. After finding the Vera Wang dress that was perfect at David's Bridal of all places and on sale, I was done. Done. Not looking anywhere else. Also, the size I ordered fit perfectly without alterations, so that was cool. Emily also found her bridesmaid's dress at David's Bridal.

The lady Vera was truly looking over my wedding. First the dress, then the tuxes. Upon first look at the Men's Wearhouse tuxedo rental selection, I was not impressed. Josh was sent into the store to see what was what and pick something. He wasn't sure what to pick, but did notice that MW had started carrying Vera Wang suits. I was all over that. They specifically had this grey, very modern suit that was beautiful. The workers at MW scoffed at my request for brown shoes and no cummerbunds. I stuck to my guns and when Josh tried on his suit when we picked them up, the workers were astonished. The brown shoes looked great! The cummerbund wasn't even needed! Josh added his own little touch with the socks for him and his groomsmen. Pirates for Ty, robots for Josh, and Mario Kart for Tres.
I think we looked good.

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