02 November 2012

Notes from the field

Brain Game at the Bradbury Science Museum
1. It is November you guys. When did those other months happen this year?

2. I'm not sure why they are in there, but in the Bradbury Science Museum there are two tables that have four brain games. They are not games. They are puzzles. And not just any puzzles- ones you have to think really hard to solve. The pictures above and below are of this loop and ring game that I became entirely engrossed in for well over 15 minutes. But you know what?


I wish I could mount these photos on the walls of my living room like an elk head, but I don't want to have to explain myself.

3. Anthropologie is hosting "Holiday Display Workshops" all over the US, and sure enough, Albuquerque (my closest store) (pronounced "I'll-be-quirky" in the Williams household) was hosting one last night. I got really excited about it. I picked out an awesome outfit, planned to visit the Hancock Fabrics, and made this massive directions sheet to multiple places I wanted to go to so that I wouldn't get lost in Albuquerque, because Aunt Mil told me about her hubcaps getting stolen one time in the 70s in Albuquerque. I was showing Josh the information and noticed that they added a "Please call your store to RSVP" note to the flyer, so I called the store yesterday morning to RSVP right after they opened. The girl was suuuper nice but uttered the words "So sorry, we are more than booked solid."


I was going to make friends there! These are my people! There aren't very many in New Mexico! Instead, I went to Santa Fe for fabric for a project and then recklessly bought a pair of black polka dot tights in my state of sorrow.

4. Since I have no job, I have been intensely following the weather here. The average high temperature last month (October) was around 70F, while the average high on record is 61F. I was expecting to wear sweaters here? I'm going to eat my words next week, aren't I?

5. Tomorrow, I have my big Locks of Love haircut scheduled. I'm a little nervous, but it's for such a good cause! Also, I'm going to a salon called "Chop Shop" and their website is fantastic. People who know good design know how to cut hair, in my experience. Also, Laura Jane will be cutting my hair and I have a crush on her name.

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  1. OMG I hope you post a picture of your hairs after they get cut!!