26 November 2012

Shopping with Sarah

While we were in Dallas, Sarah took me to downtown McKinney for a little sister-in-law time. McKinney is really cute, and I noticed they had a few banners up that said it was voted #2 for "Best Place to Live" by Money magazine. Who even knew?! We found curtain fabric for Sarah's living room and I talked her into buying this iron wall decor item (not sure how to describe it?) that she had been visiting for a while..
Ok, so the fabric store we went to was really cool, but going out of business. After getting our fabric cut I think Sarah and I both know why they were going out of business. Their customer service was terrible. The fabric section of the store is on the second floor and there wasn't anyone up there, so I was carrying my bolt of fabric around with me. Finally, a lady came up there to help some other people and noticed that I had some fabric and asked if I needed some cut. I said yes and she said, "Well you must not go to fabric stores, because you don't take the bolt off of the rack."
I was basically born in a fabric store and have spent a good portion of my life in them since then. I know how fabric stores operate, LADY. Also, I didn't say a word when she said that Sarah's bolt of fabric only had seven yards on it, when it clearly had over twelve. Is this why one of us is going out of business?
Sarah and I had a lovely outing other than that, and we ended it with a big coke.


  1. PUHlease fabric store lady. Speaking of your love for those sorts of things, have you seen the work of Stacey Page (http://www.staceypage.com/) OH MY!!!

  2. Jules, you need to calm down.