26 December 2012

Animal Costumes for the Littles

When I was a little girl, I love, love, loved horses (and still do). I would always pretend to be a horse by getting on all fours and running around the house. My mom added to the experience by giving me one of her scarves to use as a tail. It was known as "Tail" from then on and now has been ripped in half and sewn back up and has numerous patches all over. Granny and Grandad always talk about the summer visit in which I kept them entertained by running around their house again and again. 
Good times.
The nieces love animals and wanted dress-up things for Christmas, so I made them some animal costumes with my beloved "Tail" in mind. These were so fun to make, and I almost wanted to make myself some. I hope they enjoy them and pretending they are animals as much as I did.


  1. oh my gosh! these are amazing... you're very talented! I am so jealous, I cant even make a hem HA
    xo Jessica

    1. Haha! Thank you! The real question is can you sew a button on? Hems are hard sometimes!