10 December 2012

Austin Color Me Rad 5k

KayLynn, me, Kerri's lil sis, Kerri's Mom, Kerri with white shirts.
Knowing that I would be in Texas this past weekend, Kerri texted me a month ago and told me that I was going to run the Color Me Rad 5k. These runs always looked fun to me, but I never had anyone to go with, so I was excited when Kerri told me about this one. This run also sounded like something KayLynn might like to do, so I went ahead and got her on board. Maximum friend time!!
So, we ran the good run on Saturday and I feel confident saying that we all had so much fun! Throughout the run are these stops that you can run through (or walk because it's congested) and people throw colored cornstarch at you or spray you with colored water. KayLynn and I ended up running together and we also ended up running most of it! I was expecting to walk a lot of it, because I still had a lot of mucus in my chest from a cold I got the week of Thanksgiving. But I ran so much! 
We were kind of a ragtag group, because I was still getting over my cold, KayLynn had tendonitis in her knees and Kerri was getting over the shingles. 
But we did it!
Then, we met up with Em and Rachel at P. Terry's and had burgers and played with babies. It was pretty fun.

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