05 December 2012


Loving: That my Grandad told my Mom that he liked my new haircut the other day. Also he said, "It looks a lot better." I guess he doesn't like long hair, but at least he said he liked something!

Reading: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I love his books.

Watching: Moonrise Kingdom, because Jenny told me to.

Thinking about: Going ahead and starting on my MFA if I can’t find a job sometime soon.

Stressing about: Getting all of the Christmas presents together. It’ll all come together, I hope!

Looking forward to: Going to Texas tomorrow! I’m going to visit some of my favorite people, take lots of pictures of babies, run a 5k, snuggle my favorite puppy, eat tacos, see a Texas State senior art show and do lots of sewing.

Making me happy: Reese’s Christmas Trees, Josh-head, the new rug, having a nice place to live and food to eat.

*I saw this idea on Kristine or Polly and did it because Kristine is real cute I want to be real cute too.


  1. Oh! Reese's Christmas trees! I definitely miss those, and I had completely forgotten to miss the pumpkins. Apparently you can order one for 36 pounds on the UK amazon?!

    1. 36 pounds?! And that's just one of them? I would happily mail you some myself! No one should go without Reese's Christmas trees during the holidays. But seriously, I will mail you some.

  2. What's that about you coming down for the thesis show?! I'm getting way too excited over here..

    1. Yes! I'll be there on Monday for the last opening!