12 December 2012

Flying is fun!

I love traveling and I also enjoy flying.
The flights I took to and from Texas this past trip were excellent! If they needed new spokespeople, I think Josh and I would be excellent spokespeople for Southwest Airlines. I have never had a bad flying experience with them. Their flight attendants are always super nice and their fares are reasonable more often than not. And I have never had anything stolen out of my suitcase. (coughDeltacough)
My trip back yesterday began at the San Antonio airport, which last time I flew from there I almost missed my flight. This time I was there, at my gate, two hours before it left. I got lots of people watching done and also Santa came by and wished me a Merry Christmas. It was awesome.
My flight from Dallas to Albuquerque was the best! I was one of the earlier boarders, so I picked the seat I normally like to sit in. The stewardesses started to get ready to take off, but the plane was only about 60% full, so I asked one of them, "Is everyone on?!" And she said yes, and that it was a particularly empty flight.
I got the whole back of the plane to myself! And the stewardess gave me tons of snacks! 
 LIVIN' DA LYFE in economy class...

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