21 December 2012


In my preparations for Christmas and various other things this week I have been a domestic goddess.
Which is weird, because I do not like cooking?

1 round of scalloped potatoes
1 chocolate chess pie
1 dozen blueberry muffins
1 dozen California Club sandwiches on bagels
10 dozen buckeyes (I. Know.)
2 dozen Mexican Wedding cookies

1 lap quilt
1 table runner
4 felt animal costumes
2 superhero kits
1 stocking

Also, I got nipped on the ankle by a bobcat on Tuesday. I KNOW. And it wasn't a Texas State University student,  either. It was a real live wild animal. Now, I will not tell that story in order to build suspense! Mwaha!


  1. WHAT? You got bit on the ankle by a wild bobcat? How scary! I hope you are okay! And don't worry, I'm not a fan of cooking either ;)
    xo TJ

  2. man so productive! this makes me want to quit my job and stay at home and be that productive all the time!

    Also a bobcat???

  3. If you would stop kicking bobcats they wouldn't nip you on the ankle.