18 December 2012


Have some time off for the holidays?
Not sure what to do with your dog while you're hanging out?
Here are a few ideas:
1. Make cookies. Pups love Buckeyes and are great at helping to clean up.
 2. Sit on the couch and let them lean on you while you watch some tv. This might be a Bernoulli-specific thing?
 3. Take them on a short car ride, because all dogs look cute when they are riding in a car.
4. Do some crafts. Don't get frustrated when your dog doesn't help very much. They don't have thumbs and are not very helpful. 
 5. Have deep, existentialist conversations that make you want to go out and do something with yourself. Or just take a walk around the block.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Haha, how cute! Gotta love dogs :) That first photo is priceless :D

  2. Too stinkin' adorable! I'll have to try making some Buckeyes for my beagle. Anything with peanut butter, she'll devour within seconds. I've timed it. ;)

  3. HA this is great but my dog is totally not allowed on the couch

    xo Jessica