06 December 2012

Some Christmas Tree Decorating

We got a Christmas tree! The Delancey Street Foundation has several tree lots in New Mexico, and just happened to have one in Los Alamos. So, we got a tree and helped some people get back on their feet- good deal!
SCENE: Josh and I are in the truck headed home from picking out a Christmas tree.

Me: What should we name the tree?
Josh: Ummm, Frank?
Me: No, he's short and fat. He needs a different one.
Josh: Demetri?
Me: Haha! Did you just say that because it has "tree" in it?
*Josh thinks about this and starts chuckling.*
Josh: Oh man, it really does!!



This is my ghetto star tree topper I made. I got the template here and followed all of the directions, but it just didn't quite work out. I'll try again next year!

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