21 January 2013


working the sound; january 2013
Every few Sundays, Josh does the audio/visual stuff for one of the services at our church. I get to help push buttons sometimes, but I really enjoy watching the people from above. The people at this church have a bad habit of trailing into the sanctuary throughout the service, often tripling the attendance by the end of the service.

An older lady usually comes to the service we work, and she always does something hilarious. Yesterday, she sat on her cellphone (or something) and it started talking during the sermon. I'm not sure she knew how to turn it off, because she spent the next few minutes pushing a lot of buttons. Several Sundays ago, she said very loudly during the sermon, "I've been here since 1939!" talking about the town we live in.

The a/v booth can also be a learning experience for operating the booth, because things never go as they were planned. A video doesn't work or something doesn't have the same aspect ratio as the projector or the slideshow doesn't work. It's always something, but usually kind of fun pushing buttons until you fix something.

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