09 January 2013


Bobcat at the Savannah Wildlife Center; September 2012
So, a few weeks ago I left everyone going, "What the what?!" when I said I got nipped at by a bobcat. I really did get nipped on the ankle by a bobcat, but I'm totally cool with it.

A few months ago, I'd altered this lady's pants, Mrs. Nancy, and when she came to pick them up from me she apologized for being a mess and that she been cleaning out animal pens at a local wildlife center. I love animals and am currently still jobless, so I asked her if I could volunteer with her. She was really excited, and also wanted to train me to be one of the bobcat handlers, since she and her friends are getting older. I was a bobcat in high school and in college, so I was all over caring for a few bobcats! Their names are Rufus, Joanie, Katrina and Roberta.

On my first day I was allowed to go into the bobcat pens, because Mrs. Nancy was having trouble with her hands and I was being her hands that day. I have a healthy fear of wild animals and know to keep my cool when they are around, so that's what I did. I was standing by the exit gate of the bobcat pen, waiting for Mrs. Nancy to come back in, when the male bobcat, Rufus, started walking my way. He got in between me and the gate, so I just stood still and waited for him to walk away. He turned and started to walk behind me, and nipped me on the ankle, that turkey! Then, he walked away, so I let myself out of the pen.

Bobcats normally stay away from people as much as possible and these bobcats have been around people for most of their lives, so I wasn't worried about being attacked. Even though these bobcats are very human friendly (Joanie will let you rub her belly), I think I will be staying out of the bobcat pens until they get to know me better.

Also, I just "got" Rufus' name. The bobcat's scientific name is Lynx rufus. That's fun.

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  1. That is a fun Rufus fact! I wish my scientific name was Lynx rufus - maybe my spirit animal is a bobcat after all...