03 January 2013

Cousin Quest

Josh's family is one of the cutest families I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. They are very thoughtful and very kind. When Josh, the sisters, and the cousins were little their grandparents would have "Kids Kamp" at their summer house in northern Arizona. The only attendance requirement was to be potty trained.
At Kids Kamp 1995, they did all sorts of things, but one really awesome thing they did was bury a time capsule. There were drawings, a cassette tape, and probably a newspaper in the coffee can they buried.
Cousin Marissa remembered that they buried it, but never dug it up. So, during the Christmas Day festivities at the grandparents' house they had a cousin meeting and decided to meet at the summer house and dig the coffee can time capsule up. The summer house is right around the corner from Josh's parents' house, so that was a sweet deal for us.
The coordinates were written on the bottom of a drawing that Sarah drew, so first we had to look for those.

Once Josh and Tres had the can out of the ground, we weren't very sure that anything would have survived. They gradually took the items in the can out, but the only thing that was in one piece was the cassette tape. Everything had been living in tin foil for 17 years, so the papers had disintegrated and rusted. The cassette tape looked really bad, but Tres decided that we should try to play it. The summer house didn't have any working tape players, so we went to Josh's parents' house and played it on their stereo system.
It. worked.
All of us were amazed that 1. it worked and 2. it still sounded good.
Such a fun day.
Owen, Justin and I were the only in-laws there, so Owen and I decided to form an in-law media team. I took tons of pictures and he made a video of the whole thing. 
The cousins decided to give this video and a shadow box with the tape in it to Grandma Betty for her 80th birthday that was on December 27th. 
She loved it!


  1. So fun! And the video is beautiful. I thought our family was creative, but wow...

  2. Such a great story! I have a deep kinship with Perry's cousins, too, that I am so appreciative of!