22 January 2013


Some cute needlework I saw at Grandma Betty's house; December 2012
Loving: Having all of this snow around. It might even snow more next week!

Reading: My Own Two Feet: A Memoir by Beverly Cleary (already my 3rd book of the year!)

Watching: Happy Endings. So. Funny.

Thinking about: Church sanctuary design, because our pastor asked me to come up with some designs to remodel the sanctuary. I don't know very much about interior design, but I can dish some opinions!

Stressing about: Finding a job, because there aren't any?

Looking forward to: Possibly going horseback riding for my birthday. (!!!!!!)

Making me happy: Visiting people who have pups and playing with them. Watching the bobcats at the wildlife center play with their new pizza boxes. They love to play with used pizza boxes. Joanie likes to open hers up and roll around on it, then nuzzle it for good measure. She's so cute.


  1. Julziee...
    I know you really want to go to work and I remember what it is like being super busy and then too much discretionary time...I do hope you will think about all the people who need work to support their families and don't have it. Thank God that you are taken care of without having to have a job right now. Seek out what He has for you right now.

  2. Sign me up for horseback riding, please! I haven't been since I was 6... so it's been a while. ;) But I've recently gotten into Happy Endings! It's hilariously addicting, I tell ya!