31 January 2013

Don't Do This at Home

A young, armless bench looking for love; may 2010
Before Christmas (and maybe Thanksgiving?) I ventured out to my local Lowe's and got some paint for this poor bench. I bought it off of Craig's List almost three years ago (discussed here) with the intent of painting it. I guess I had to finish college and get married before I finished this project? Anyway, I started working on it yesterday and Josh was all, "How are you going to vent the apartment while you're painting it?" And I was all, "Amateur." I have a bad habit of not doing things how I probably should. Or maybe just not in the correct places? And also, being snarky with people.

In past apartments, I have:
stained a wood project- surprisingly only had to air out my apartment over night
mixed film developer- pahaha. I don't even know.
did several charcoal drawings- left charcoal EVERYWHERE
sculpted a piece of limestone- once again, limestone EVERYWHERE
sanded a hunk of plaster- you guessed it, plaster EVERYWHERE
painted furniture (more than once)- got paint on the floor once, but got it off

What is really surprising is the fact that I have always gotten my safety deposit back from my apartments. Also, I have never had to go to the hospital from chemical poisoning. In my defense, I was in art school and did not like working in the art building at night.

Also: Happy Birthday, Dad, who taught me how to do things correctly!!

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  1. What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger, right? Hah, I've attempted to paint a stool in my abnormally small apartment before - that has a total of two windows. Hardly one of the brightest ideas I've ever had but it turned out really well! So... that counts? ;)