10 January 2013

I'm free all week!

Some empathetic puppies.
SCENE: A tumbleweed tumbles aimlessly across a desert as the theme song to The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly plays in the background.

That is what the New Mexico job market looks like. Quiet and barren. I am having THE hardest time finding a job. I had no troubles whatsoever finding jobs in Texas. Jobs of all sorts! Of all shapes and sizes! I turned jobs down!

I have only found four jobs to even apply for, but none have gotten back to me. It is really annoying when you submit your resume or application somewhere and they don't respond to you. No "we received your information" or "thanks for applying" or "we've filled the position." What are they over there doing? Posting jobs and not hiring people? I called a local school system to see if they received my application and my call was sent straight to voicemail and has not been returned. Rude.

I do not like this. I feel completely useless and bored. When I was in college, I promised myself that I would never ever work in a retail setting again. I have a college degree, I should have a better job than a part time at the mall. Also, Emily says that retail always makes me depressed, which is pretty true.

No retail.
But a job?


  1. Sounds like the worst! I'm sorry it's been rough on you, but I'm most DEFINITELY keeping my fingers crossed that a good job comes your way sometime in the extremely near future. ;) New Mexico cannot be THAT bad... Right?