04 January 2013

My First Arizona Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa opening the first gift.
 I survived my first Christmas away from home! And I only cried once! My family does a few things on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but Josh's family does has their Christmas festivities all in one day. We drove down to his grandparents' house on Christmas morning and hung out for a little while. I was not aware that they don't eat lunch until 2 or 2:30, so I just wandered around eating things. Don't mind if I do! 
After everyone arrived, we opened presents from the name exchange. I had Aunt Jeanne's name, so I made her a lap quilt. Aunt Cindy got my name and got me a Christmas mug set, cookie jar, and a gift card to World Market (yuusssssss!).
Marianne observing some gift opening.
Mrs. Laurel being funny probably.
Aunt Tina and Uncle Bob checking out a family cookbook.
 After all of the gifts were unwrapped, we feasted like kings! Most of the food they had my family also serves, so that was cool. Josh explained what stuffing was, and it turns out that it is called 'dressing' in Texas. Just so you know. Brother-in-law Owen made sure I didn't mistake any mayo for cool whip, which was very much appreciated.
Once mas amounts of food were consumed, much conversation and game playing ensued. Sister-in-law Sarah took me on a tour of the house and told me what the rooms looked like when she and Josh were little. She and Owen had to leave to go see other family, so left to my own devices, I stirred up lots of trouble. Just kidding. I mainly talked to Uncle Bill and Aunt Jeanne about East Texas, until Josh made me play a board game. I helped Josh and Tres break in Tres' new board game "Labyrinth" by beating both of them at it.

Tres getting intense.
a sleeping loofa with one shoe on
Aunts making sure the boys play nicely.

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  1. Way to make it through your first holiday away! We went back to Texas, but I cried when we left (a lot)... lots of lessons to be learned living away from family.