28 January 2013

Weekend Type Things

This weekend was really fun!
We pupsat our friends' dog, Latah.
She is such a great dog and I think her parents should travel more often so that I can have take care of her.
Josh played in a benefit volleyball tournament.
He gets really intense when playing sports, so it's a good show.
Took my wedding ring back to the jeweler for the third time to get the setting fixed.
Met the owner of the store, who happened to be hilarious.
Had the best meal I have ever had in New Mexico at Rooftop Pizzeria in Santa Fe.
If you are ever in Santa Fe, I highly recommend that you make a stop there.
Made a strawberry lemonade horse cake in honor of Josh's little sister.
It was delicious!
I also took a 4 hour nap yesterday that was glorious.
The end!


  1. Why is that table so HIGH?! Or, why are you so low?

    1. The table was a normal height, but the pizza was on a pedestal thing!