07 February 2013

A Trip to the Eye Doctor

creepy dilated eyes; february 2013
There are certain things that I enjoy doing.
I like going to yoga.
I like talking to my sister on the phone.
I like going on dates with Josh.

However, I do not like going to the eye doctor.

Most of the eye offices I have been to make you take your contacts out before the doctor comes to see you. I like to be fully present for doctor visits, but when I can't see their facial expressions I have a lot of trouble focusing. When I have my contacts out or don't have my glasses on, I become on edge and really defensive. Like an animal backed into a cage? I'm not even sure why?

I'm also completely useless when my eyes are dilated. Mine are blue, so they are more sensitive to dilation/light. My depth perception gets thrown off a little when they are dilated which can be a little funny, except when they were dilated on Tuesday and I had to drive myself home.

On Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised when my doctor had a natural remedy for an eyelash-oil-clogging issue I was having. Forget you eye drops!

Really I just wanted to show everyone my creepy dilated eyes.


  1. Creepy, indeed. You look like an alien. I feel like I can see straight into your soul.

  2. I usually have a similar experience. After one visit to the eye doctor, I told Mom I was fine to drive. We almost backed over a family.