26 February 2013

Art of Home Tour

New Mexico seems to not have too much going on, ever, so Josh and I usually jump at events when they come up. This past weekend Santa Fe had their annual Art Feast Weekend that combines food, art and real estate. I think I saw a fashion show on the schedule too? 
We went to the home tours that featured works from different galleries in Santa Fe. It was pretty fun! I love looking at houses, and expensive houses are even better. For a home tour, I thought most of the houses were not up to par. 
When you go on a "Parade of Homes" tour or the like, the homes are immaculate and perfectly decorated. The homes we saw on Sunday were "kind of" decorated and looked like the people had just stepped out to go get groceries or something. However, one of the homes (the most expensive one) was completely beautiful and perfectly decorated and it made up for all of the rest of them.


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