08 February 2013


a "clem 'n tine"; february 2013

Loving: The little photo shop in Santa Fe that has 1. a cat 2. film 3. a beautiful 85mm nikon lens that must become mine.

Reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have attempted to read this book twice and can never get past the first few chapters. I'm determined to power through!

Watching: Suburgatory! It's slowly getting better. I'm impressed it's lasted this long.

Thinking about: Getting all of my people photos together and making a portrait/wedding photography website. 

Excited about: My job interview at the middle school today! Not really what I was aiming for, but still sounds really fun.

Looking forward to: My birthday tomorrow!!! Josh and I are going to civilization Albuquerque for horseback riding (if it doesn't rain/snow), Hancock Fabrics, Anthropologie (just to look),  the natural history museum and maybe McAlister's Deli.

Making me happy: Josh laughing hysterically at memes we find on the internet. The "bang bang" trick that Latah does.


  1. Happy birthday tomorrow! We share a birthday month, how wonderful! I hope you get to go horseback riding and will keep my fingers crossed for your interview.

  2. Happy birthday, sweet girl! Hope you got to do something lovely on your special day! Sending you lots of love (and warmth) from good ol' Texas! ;)