21 February 2013


hair do-ings; february 2013
Loving: How badly my first hair dying experience went. And how badly it went when I had to go back to get it fixed. And how I finally just dyed it myself and got the results I wanted. Yes, I am a firm believer that if you want something done correctly, just do it yourself. This does not apply to things like dental work, car work or painting your own nails. 

Reading: How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley (here)

Thinking about: My pre-teen/teenage years. There is this twitter battle going on between a horde of Justin Bieber fans and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys that is completely bizarre. Patrick was asked (by a group of paps outside of his hotel one night) if he thought Justin Bieber should have won a Grammy or something. He said no and that Bieber was in music for the money. I agree with that statement, but the Bieber community went crazy. They started tweeting Patrick things like "Go kill yourself." and "You make horrible music." When I was the same age as these kids, there wasn't any of this twitter nonsense, but I also don't remember wanting to send someone death threats in honor of my favorite band. Why aren't these kids playing outside or something? It makes me sad that these kids are putting their allegiance in something as stupid as a boy singer who wears tight pants and crashes his $120,000 car almost every week. Find a better role model.

Excited about: ArtFeast this weekend in Santa Fe! I love a good free event, so we are going to the Art of Home Tour, which is a self-led tour of some of the nicest homes in Santa Fe that have some of the best art in Santa Fe. I'm secretly hoping to make some art-related connections at this event and that someone lets me work for them. Cross your fingers!

Looking forward to: The Shiny Toy Guns concert Josh and I are going to in April! And it's on my best friend April's birthday!!

Making me happy: Josh and I making up lyrics for pop songs. We are really creative singers.

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