28 February 2013

Frank Gonzales

Early Riser, 2012 by Frank Gonzales
On that Santa Fe home tour Josh and I went on last weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing Frank Gonzales' work in the first home we visited. I'd never heard of him or seen any of his work, so his paintings were quite striking the first time I saw them. They are reminiscent of John James Audubon's work, but perhaps more striking? They definitely have a more modern approach to birds. Most of his work has a distinctive use of color and expression for the birds. I think they all look like they're on the run from the colorful, radioactive rain that is hunting them in their own homes.

Anyway, I stared at the two paintings we got to see for several minutes, because they're really beautiful.
Nostalgia, 2012 by Frank Gonzales
Orange Blossoms and Black Birds, 2012 by Frank Gonzales
Raven's Burl, 2012 by Frank Gonzales

The Gossip, 2012 by Frank Gonzales


  1. awesome! my husband LOVES newsies, haha so i need to take him to santa fe one day because of the song!
    now following your darling blog!! xo the well-traveled wife