27 February 2013

Horses, horses and horses

one of my favorite horses, Stormy and me; 1998?
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere last week on the long, arduous journey back to New Mexico from Arizona, I saw the most glorious thing during one of my driving shifts.

Fiesta was humming along, while the sun was slooowly drooping behind the mountains.
Everything was saturated with gold, and it was the perfect photo light.
Suddenly, I caught something out of the corner of my eye.

A herd of multiple colors of horses running as fast as they could along the fence that lined the interstate.

They were so beautiful. I got to watch them for about ten seconds, seeing as I was going seventy eight miles per hour, but that glimpse has been warming my heart for the past week. It was an unexpected sweet treat.

I have loved horses since I knew what they were, but for some reason for me their owners have always been like the cool girls at school. You really want to hang out with them, but you are kind of intimidated by them and don't want to really bother them.


I think the horses lately have been calling out to me. Like the little girl in The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, the horses want me to come join them. Maybe not turn into a horse, but just go see them. Ride them, perhaps? I was wandering around town on Monday and drove slowly by this one area that has several fields and a bunch of horse barns. One horse was standing by the fence and casually perked up his ears and looked at me in my car.

"Come seee meee Julieee!"

That's what he said. I'm sure of it. He watched me as I drove away.
I need to meet someone who has horses and needs someone to ride them.
And I need to not be shy about things.
People can't read my mind!

PS: While reading the reviews of The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses on Amazon, I saw this in one of the summaries of the book, "Children are passionate people; they will relate." How wonderful is that!

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