25 February 2013

Teaching the Northwesterners

The first King Cake I made by myself; February 2013
Most of you guys know that I grew up in the wonderful Deep South and recently moved to New Mexico. It has been quite the culture shock. Most of the time when I'm talking to people here (who are form the Northwest or Southwest) I feel like I'm talking in a different language. It's so funny how different areas of one country can be.

Things I've been teaching them about:
1. King Cake- a traditional Mardi Gras cake that my family picked up making when we lived in Louisiana. (more on those here)
2. Nutria rats- giant rat animals that were introduced to North America by way of explorers docking in Louisiana.
3. Homecoming Mums- a giant flower made out of ribbons and other knick-knacks that is pinned onto a girl's shirt during high school homecoming. This is a Texas specific tradition. No idea where it came from.
4. The difference between Jambalaya, Gumbo and Etouffee- all of them have the same basic ingredients, but they are all different consistencies.
5. Red beans and rice- a dish that includes red beans, rice, and sausage that hails from Mississippi.
6. Girls in Action (GAs)- A Southern Baptist church group for younger girls. I grew up in GAs and always went to GA Camp in the summer. (Not sure why everyone tacks that extra 's' on the end, because it's already plural.) There's also Royal Ambassadors (RAs) for younger boys and Acteens for teenage girls.
7. Civil War Reenactments- It's exactly what it sounds like. You dress up in Civil War era garb and have fake battles. My sister and I participated in the Port Hudson reenactment almost every year we lived in Louisiana.

Things I've been learning about:
1. Swamp coolers
2. Green chilies (bleh!)
3. Corn tortillas
4. Snow and all of the things that come with it.
5. Native American culture


  1. Ahh, homecoming mums! I still have all four of mine from high school, is that weird? But I can't tell you how nice it is to have a blogger friend who understands all things Texas! And I'm sure you totally feel for me when I talk about the crazy bipolarity of Texas weather. It's about to drop down to the mid-30s this week. I had just purchased some spring shorts so naturally, I'm bitter.

    1. I still have all of my mums hanging up at my parents' house! And yes, I completely feel you on the bipolar weather. Why have different seasons during the year when you can have them all in one week?

  2. wow. this looks just soo good! thank you for sharing <3