05 February 2013

The Beyonce Show

 As we all know, on Sunday the big Beyonce show was on. Families and friends gathered around their televisions to take in the show that that lady can put on. There was something else on I believe, but I could not have cared less. Our friends Leslie and Jason invited us to take part in the festivities at their house, and I had a lot of fun doing things other than watching football. Josh prepared his traditional 7 Layer Dip (Ranchero Dip) and took great care in doing so. It was delicious as usual!
 There was a lot of this.
And some of this.
 So I wandered around and did some of this.
 And ate several of these.
And comforted this guy after his team lost.

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  1. Poor Jeshua. Additionally, I like her way of displaying fabrics. I shall copy her.