05 March 2013

A Little Photo Show

at le show!; march 2013
The opening reception for the photo club show was last night! It was pretty fun. I think there was a total of 120 photos in the show, so it was pretty packed. Since we live in such a small, weird town, you really never know if people will show up, or if people do show up, how many will be there. Four of our friends I invited came, so I was excited to see them. Two of them really like cultural things, such as photo shows, so it was nice to talk about my photos with them. I also enjoyed looking at the other photos in the show with Josh, while peeking around corners to see if anyone was looking at mine, haha!

It's always interesting to see how different groups of people interact with your work and art work in general. When this group of photos was just an infant, being put together in art school, my classmates liked to look at them as a group hung up on the big magnet wall as a giant group. We would stand really close to them, then really far away from them. We would take some out, and move some around. When they made it to my senior show, five of the photos got an entire twenty-eight foot wall to themselves. People would get up close to look at them. When I brought them to Granny and Grandad's house, they carefully held each one of them and looked at them in great detail. The cousins wanted to see them all laid out, side-by-side. At this show, people would either glance at them while walking by or stop and look at them for a minute or so.

I think at the smaller town shows, people aren't looking to be inspired or to be "up on the times." They might just be going to the show openings to have something to do or going to see a friend's work. Whatever they are there for, I'm glad people are looking at photos.


  1. Very nice Jules! Are there any other photo shows around there that you might enter?


  2. Congrats JuMo!!! So proud of you!

  3. that is great.. congratulations.