04 March 2013

This and That

Josh knows this!
1. I think I'm finally getting used to the 7,320 foot elevation here. For a girl who grew up maybe 100 feet above elevation, that is an awesome thing. I was able to run two miles on Saturday without having breathing problems or wanting to die. Yay!

2. An art gallery wants me to interview with them! I'm so excited. After meeting the gallery's director at the Art of Home tour last weekend, I immediately emailed him all of my stuff. It sounds like a great job for someone starting out like me, so I'm praying that I get this job.

3. Josh is starting to write his dissertation for his Ph.d. School is almost over!! He is hoping to be defending said dissertation by August.

4. I made a friend who likes yoga as much as I do and is willing to go with me to Bikram's Yoga in Santa Fe! Bikram's Yoga is a 90-minute class that is held in a room heated to 105 degrees, which allows for deeper stretching and more sweating to get rid of toxins in the body. I've been wanting to try out a class, but didn't want to go by myself, so I'm glad to have met her.

5. Three of my photos from my senior thesis series, Warm Geometry, got into a photography club show here. It's more of a "photography show" than "art show", but I'm excited to have a place to show those prints. They were hard work! The guy in charge of the show also invited me to a walk through of the show with the club, where they will discuss all of the photos. I love a good critique, so I think I'll go to that.

6. While Josh and I were at Bible Study last week, a lady backed into my Fiesta. Rude, I know! But! The lady was super nice, left a note with phone numbers and happens to be a State Farm agent. She backed into Fiesta's driver's side passenger door and it looks like just the door will have to be replaced. I have to admit, State Farm has been great to work with over the past week. I wish my poor little Fiesta didn't have to go through that, but it will only make her stronger! And she can get that speaker replaced that is still under warranty! And that spot that Josh accidentally scratched with the key will get painted over!

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  1. Julziee,
    That card is almost as funny as the sign "The woman with the most fabric when she dies wins!"
    I can hardly waiat for you to hear from that job!