16 April 2013

I like my job!

Peluquera by Siri Hollander with some Javier Lopez Barbosa in the background; March 2013
So far, I have really enjoyed my job!

For the past few weeks, Karen (who I am replacing) has been training me, so I have learned allll sorts of things. My title will be 'registrar' and I will be documenting and keeping track of all of the art that comes through our gallery. We represent nine artists right now, including the artist who owns the gallery, Mark White. In addition to keeping track of everyone, I get to do a bunch of other random jobs that come along.

As with most of the jobs I have had, I really never know what will happen when I show up for work. So far, I have helped install new kinetic sculptures, talked to five of the artists about their work, posted tons of stuff to the website, made new name tags for several pieces, learned what tear sheets are and how to make them, and I was supposed to clean bird poop off of an outside wall, but I think I got out of that.

Also, a dad came in with his son and daughter a few weeks ago and asked if they could use the restroom. The gallery director said that was fine, so they were shown the bathroom right by my office. The dad was talking on his cell phone in a foreign language the whole time, but he let his kids go #2 with the door wide open. Wide open, right next to my office. Thank you very much, sir.

One of the perks of working in an art gallery in Santa Fe is the fact that it's in Santa Fe. The art scene is hopping there and tons and tons of people come to Santa Fe to look at art. The gallery I work in is in one of the original buildings on Canyon Road. It was built in 1739 as a school house. It was a school house for a long time, but has been a private residence and a few different art galleries in the past few years. The gallery owners have little signs in the bathrooms that say "Please be kind to our ancient piping." The piping really is ancient. Fun fact: Most of the pipes are wooden, which is what the first sewer systems in America were made of.


  1. SO! . . . . . . (sound of finger tips drumming on the desk) . . . . . . . I guess I didn't get the memo. What is the web address of your gallery's web site? You've got us all in a tither wanting to see your web site.


  2. Never mind, I found it.