23 May 2013

Kevin Tolman

Birdsong, 36x36, Tolman
These paintings are by Kevin Tolman, and I love them. One of the galleries that has some of his work, Karan Ruhlen Gallery, is right across the street from me in Santa Fe. Josh and I got to see them in person a few weekends ago. I loved them and Josh wasn't too sure about them, because for him they are stuck somewhere between completely random and order. I relish in the tiny details in them and the colors that were chosen. They are bold, but muted at the same time. There's something about them that reminds me of calm, quiet people. They are very interesting, but you have to look at them/ get to know them to see that quality.

Canal St. Martin/French Blue, 48"x48", Tolman

Otono Camino Real, 42"x48", Tolman
Sunny Circus, 24"x24", Tolman
Also, if anyone wants to buy one for me, my favorite is "Canal St. Martin/ French Blue."  :))

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