20 May 2013

What Made Milwaukee Famous Concert

For the most part, I am convinced New Mexico is not a good place. But when it gives you something good, it's really good. Like jobs and Killers concerts. There is a free summer concert series here that Josh was always telling me about before I moved out, but I never had any clue who any of the bands were. When the schedule for this year's concerts were posted, I was completely baffled by the first band. It was What Made Milwaukee Famous!!! 
I saw them on Austin City Limits live when I was in high school and have been a fan since. Two of the radio stations in Austin would play them pretty often, so that was cool. I was really confused why they were playing a show in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, but I chose to not ask questions and go with it.
 Josh and I went to the concert on Friday and it was fantastic. They were booked to play for 2 hours, so during the intermission we walked over to their van and got to meet them!! They were super nice and easy going, so I got a picture with them and we talked to them for a long time. The lead singer asked if I had any requests (of course I did) so I asked for them to play "Curtains!" because it is my favorite of theirs.
When they got back on stage for the second half of the show, they totally played the song I requested AND gave me a shout out. "We're going to play Curtains now, and this one is for Julie." It was the best and I probably got on Josh's nerves elbowing him every 30 seconds during the song saying, "They gave me a shout out!!!!!!!!!!!!" Josh and I were also impressed with their array of cover songs. They played "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals (for me) and some ZZ Top (for Josh).


  1. That is the most exciting concert story ever! How fun! And I love your photos. They look great! :)