05 June 2013

Amazing Sister Conversations

Me, Emily and our grandma Imogene at the BREC Baton Rouge Zoo; 1996?

J: Are you at workage?
E: si
J: bleh.
J: kitty. I have just awoken myself [This was time stamped at 12:27 pm.]
J: no lunch?
E: and i can't go get it b/c kristi is on a conference call and i have to answer phonage
E: just awoken?!
E: hehe
E: im so proud
J: Well, let me tell you
E: tell me girl
J: My multivitamin has caffine in it.
E: uh oh
J: "This product contains about as much caffine as a cup of coffee."
J: Who does that?!
E: whoops
E: what brand?
J: One a Day
J: That's why I feel so perky after I take them
E: lol
E: what time of day do you take them?
E: and why would they put caffenine in them?!
J: With dinner bc that's usually the most concrete meal I eat
J: I don't even know.
E: you have concrete for dinner?!
J: I shall start taking them wif lunch
J: Yep. Concrete fo dinnuh.
E: mmmm
E: i'm having cookies for lunch
J: With rebar!
E: mrs. randall brought us cookies and brownties
E: she's my favorite

And also:
E: no, but speaking of
E: i had a dream that jamie ray
E: convinced you to do nude photos and then put them on the internet!
J: Oh my. Did they sell well?
E: they weren't for sale
E: i was FREAKING out

Maybe these conversations only make Em and me laugh?

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