21 June 2013

Periwinkle and Mint Wonky Star Quilt

 Finally made a layered Wonky Star Block quilt! This is definitely the most piecing I've ever done and really liked it. Josh's parents gave me the two Amy Butler prints in this quilt a year and a half ago, and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them since. Then, my sister gave me the Joel Dewberry print and I found the floral mint print at Wal-Mart randomly and I thought, "These must be a quilt!!" I'd also been given a ton of nice, white cotton, so that came in handy. Then, I saw a fun, brightly colored wonk star quilt on pinterest and decided to do that block.
I like that all of the fabrics came from different parts of the country/Texas:
Amy Butlers- Prescott, Arizona
Joel Dewberry- New York City
Generic mint floral- Longview, Texas
Solid white- Lakeway, Texas
Generic purple floral backing- San Antonio, Texas
Plum Kona Cotton binding- Santa Fe, New Mexico
 And of course, once I laid it out on the back of the couch, I noticed I had sewn a pin into one of the blocks. At least it was on the edge and easily accessible!


  1. You may mail this quilt to my address. Thank you.

  2. LOVE it. the colors, buspecially.