04 June 2013

Photo Wedding Guest Book

Remember that time Josh and I got married? Well, this was our guest book and I have been meaning to write about it. When one buys a wedding dress at David's Bridal, one gets a gift card for Shutterfly, an online photo shop. Being the thrifty photographer I am I snatched that up. Em and Russ did this guestbook set up at their wedding, so naturally I just did what my sister did. I loved how the book came out and think it's pretty high quality. I also appreciated that Shutterfly has tons of page layouts that you can heavily edit if you are sneaky like me.
Also, I was just thinking about this, but I don't think I ever signed Em and Russ' guest book. 
Promise I was there!

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  1. Wow, that is so cool! Totally customized and beautiful. :) When I get married, I am totally going to have to do that :D