19 June 2013

Small World

The tree outside of our apartment finally sprouted/bloomed its leaves!; June 2013
Last Wednesday, I went with some of my co-workers to some sort of magazine issue party in Santa Fe. It was fun hanging out with them, but it was also packed an really loud. Not my thing. BUT! I was standing in the main room of this gallery with my co-workers and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw one of my Texas State professors standing upstairs along the railing.

It was Dr. David Hefner, my watercolor professor! Such a small, random world. He was visiting Santa Fe, because his brother has a house there (that is not for rent, I asked) and just happened to be walking by and saw this party. I thought it was funny that he just waltzed in, because my boss made the party sound super fancy and exclusive. I got to talk to him for a while and that was really nice.

I also gave him my gallery's information and he came to see me at work on Friday. That was fun to be able to show one of my professors the kind of stuff I'm working on right now. He also got to meet the artist who owns the gallery and both of them bragged about me and I was all, "Yes, please go on."

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